Nature and Cultural Trail


  • Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.
  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk.)
  • Workshops in basic ceramics.
  • Angelica’s Family Farm.
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo (3 hour walk in total.)
  • Waycu native quarters in Lamas.
  • Courses in handicrafts.
  • Waterfall Chapawanki.

Package Tours

Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your travelling needs.


Day 1: Course in Ceramics and Angelica’s farm.

  • Walk to the home of Petrona experience a traditional Quechua Lamista setting.
  • Course in basic ceramics at the home of Petrona.
  • Picnic lunch at Angelica’s family farm.
  • Learn about a self-sustainable lifestyle, growing organic vegetables and feed baby chicks.
  • Walk back to the village and enjoy swimming in the River Cumbaza.
  • Overnight stay  and dinner at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.

Day 2: Waterfall Huacamaillo.

  • Breakfast at the lodge.
  • Short motor taxi drive to San Antonio.
  • 2 hour walk – crossing small rivers to Waterfall Huacamaillo.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • Once back in San Antonio we can sample some home made village wine.
  • Overnight stay and dinner at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.

Day 3: Lamas

  • ’Castle of Lamas’ where you will see views over the town of Lamas.
  • Native neighbourhood of Wayku – Craft Center ‘Waska Waska Warmi Wasi.
  • Lunch in the town of Lamas.
  • Short drive to Waterfall Chapawanki (20 min walk.)
  • Journey back to Tarapoto end of experience.


Prices:  2PAX  – $340USD      


Includes translated guided tours – English