Lamas to San Roque – Hike

Nature and Cultural Trail


  • Waycu Native quarters
  • Indigenous village of Chiricyacu
  • Seated in the conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera’
  • 100 m Waterfall Toroyacu 
  • Camping.
  • Ending in San Roque De Cumbaza.

Day 1: Lamas

  • Castle of Lamas.
  • Short walk into the neighborhood of Wayku, visit the Craft Center ‘Waska Waska Warmi Wasi.’ Opportunity to buy artisanal crafts.
  • Lunch in the town of Lamas
  • Drive to the village of Chiricyacu.
  • Learn how to make a basic bowl shape, weave a chumbe (traditional belt) or basket weaving –  with the Quechua Lamista Artisans.
  • Dinner using foods harvested locally. 
  • Overnight stay in the local hostel ‘Valencia Wasi.’

Day 2: Waterfall Toroyacu – Camping

  • Early start breakfast.
  • Hike (3 hours) to waterfall ‘ Sunipi Causani’ (Toroyacu.)
  • Crossing over the jungle by cable car.
  • Camping and cooked meals on the open fire.
  • Swim by the waterfall and take in this magnificent sacred site.
  • Camping by the waterfall.

Day 3: San Roque De Cumbaza

  • Breakfast by the waterfall.
  • Time to relax before the hike to San Roque.
  • (3-hour hike) to the village of San Roque De Cumbaza.
  • Lunch in the village
  • End of your adventure


3 Day Nature and Cultural Trail

San Roque De Cumbaza and Lamas

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  • Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.
  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk.)
  • Workshops in basic ceramics.
  • Angelica’s Family Farm.
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo (3 hour walk in total.)
  • Waycu native quarters in Lamas.
  • Courses in handicrafts.
  • Waterfall Chapawanki.
Chirapa Manta

Day 1: Course in Ceramics and Angelica’s farm.

  • Walk to the home of Petrona experience a traditional Quachua Lamista setting.
  • Course in basic ceramics at the home of Petrona.
  • Picnic lunch at Angelica’s family farm.
  • Learn about a self-sustainable lifestyle, growing organic vegetables and feed baby chicks.
  • Walk back to the village and enjoy swimming in the River Cumbaza.
  • Overnight stay  and dinner at Chirapamanta Ecolodge.

Day 2: Waterfall Huacamaillo.

  • Breakfast at the lodge.
  • Short motor taxi drive to San Antonio.
  • 2 hour walk – crossing small rivers to Waterfall Huacamaillo.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • Once back in San Antonio we can sample some home made village wine.
  • Overnight stay and dinner at Chirapamanta Ecolodge.

Day 3: Lamas

  • ’Castle of Lamas’ where you will see views over the town of Lamas.
  • Native neighbourhood of Wayku – Craft Center ‘Waska Waska Warmi Wasi.
  • Lunch in the town of Lamas.
  • Short drive to Waterfall Chapawanki (20 min walk.)
  • Journey back to Tarapoto end of experience.


3 Day Combination – Chazuta

Amazon River Trip: Cacao Island – Jumanchi Springs. Springs. Chocolate and Artisanal Courses.


Chazuta – a district of San Martin province located 41 kilometres from Tarapoto city.  The entrance to the lower Huallaga and in the center of two conservation areas: The Cordillera Azul National Park and the Cerro Escalera Regional Conservation area.
Overnight stay at Joyce V Barter Cultural Center
Day 1: Cacao Island and Jumanchi Springs 
  • Trip down the Huallaga River passing native communities along the way visit an island that produces 6 hectors of organic cacao.
  • Explore the cacao plantations ( brief explanation of the cacao island farm and learn about cacao production.)
  • Relax on the island beach.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • Journeying further down river to Jumanchi Springs a short walk (45 mins) to ‘Las Pozas Del Yacuruna’ swim in fresh pools and small waterfalls.
  • Journey back to Chazuta.
  • Amazing dinner at Rio Bosque Magico.
  • Overnight stay at Joyce V Barter Cultural Center.
Day 2: Rio Bosque Magico courses in making chocolate
  • Cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ Heribertos family farm.
  • Learn about agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (opptional).
  • Learn about the different stages in cacao production and participate in the labour process, how to ferment and dry the cacao beans ready to make chocolate
  • Heribertos family with make you an amazing lunch using this organic, superfood.
It will be a happy chocolate day!
Day 3: Cultural trail courses in ceramics and ecological paper.
  • Traditional course in ceramics learn how to make the basic bowl shape or ecological paper (optional) or Sulphur springs of Chazutayacu.
  • Visit Wasichay cultural center, museum, and art gallery
  • Visit Mishky Cacao chocolate factory.

3 Day Pure Nature:  

Añakiwi spirings  – 100m Waterfall Toroyacu – Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’ – 5 hour Trek

descarga camping

San Roque De Cumbaza – This route is for travelers who would like to indulge into the Amazon experience.  You will be walking into the wild, swimming in sacred water spots.   Impressive Toroyacu waterfall has a magical atmosphere.  You can enjoy your time swimming by the waterfall.  Find a place alone to meditate – take in the healing presence.  It can take from four to five hours to reach these waterfalls, but once you get there you will see it was truly worth the hard work.

  • Situlli Ecolodge – sleep surrounded by nature in basic but comfortable accommodation – Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance.
  • Ecological Viewpoints – Sculpture Trail.
  • Natural phenomenon Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’  – picnic lunch in nature.
  • Toroyacu Waterfall.
  • Dinner around the campfire – camping.
  • 3-hour return trek to San Roque.
  • Time to swim in the River Cumbaza and relax.

Day 1: Crystal clear springs of Añakiwi and Canopy Zip-line.

  • Journey (45 min drive) to San Roque de Cumbaza from Tarapoto.
  • 1 hour walk to the crystal clear springs of Añakiwi.
  • 1 hour walk to Situlli Ecolodge – lunch at the lodge.
  • Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance.
  • Situlli Ecolodge – sleep surrounded by nature in basic but comfortable accommodation.

Day 2: Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’ and Toroyacu waterfall.

  • Breakfast at the lodge.
  • Ecological Viewpoints of the protected area Cordillera Escalera – Sculpture Trail.
  • 3 hour walk to Natural phenomenon – Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’ – natural phenomenon that appears like a main road in the center of the forest.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • 1 hour walk to Toroyacu Waterfall.
  • Dinner around the campfire – camping.

Day 3: Return to San Roque De Cumbaza.

  • Breakfast by the waterfall.
  • Free time to swim and relax.
  • 4 hour return trek to San Roque De Cumbaza, picnic lunch.
  • Relax by the River Cumbaza – meal in the local village.
  • Transpor to Tarapoto
  • End of your experience.


Nature Trail Chazuta:

Cacao Island – Jumanchi Springs – 40m high waterfall  Tununtunumba – Sulphur springs of Chazutayacu.

boat agriculture gi descarga

This adventure is for hikers and travelers wanting to connect with nature in remote areas.  Allow the natural pools, sulphur springs and waterfalls heal you – connect back to nature.

Rio Bosque Magico
Day 1: Cacao Island and Jumanchi Springs 
  • Journey to Chazuta from Tarapoto – welcoming drink at Joyce V Barter Cultural Center.
  • Amazon River Trip –  (1hour) along the River Huallaga – to a cacao island that produces 6 hectares of organic cacao, relax on the cacao island beach.
  • Snack and drink.
  • Journeying further down river to ‘Jumanchi’.  Short walk (45 mins)’Las Pozas Del Yacuruna’ where you can swim and spend time in the natural environment.
  • picnic lunch in nature.
  • Swim in fresh pools and small waterfalls.
  • Journey back to Chazuta.
  • Dinner at ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ amazing foods grown in the garden.
  • Overnight stay at ‘Joyce V Barter Cultural Centre’
River Huallaga
Day 2: Tununtunumba
  • Breakfast 
  • (3 hour) Hike to Tununtunumba waterfall  – From the heights of the last mountains of the Cordillera Escalera this waterfall is located on the left bank of the Huallaga River with a foaming waterfall over 40m high with 3 smaller waterfalls following, it is located at 280 meters. At its core, the torrent of water reaches 6m wide and has a depth of 5m causing a loud noise perceived long before even arriving there and because of the large volume of water it carries, its uniqueness derives its name. In the bottom of the waterfall, the water forms some backwaters so it can be really dangerous to enter. The landscape is characteristic with lush food and medicinal plants growing around the forest floor. Wildlife is abundant in species of birds, butterflies, insects and small mammals.
  • picnic lunch in nature.
  • Spend time in the cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ learning about Agroforestry 
  • (2-hour walk) back to Chazuta
  • Dinner at ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ amazing foods grown in the garden.
  • ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ where we will learn about the process of making the cacao bean into chocolate. We can sample this amazing energetic chocolate as we learn which will give you lots of energy.
  • Overnight stay at ‘Joyce V Barter Cultural Centre.’
Day 3: Sulphur Springs Chazutayacu.
  • Breakfast
  • A short hike (1 half hours) to the sulphur springs of Chazutayacu.
  • picnic lunch in nature.
  • (1 hour)walk back to Chazuta
  • Visit the Mishky Cacao Chocolate Factory
  • Dinner at Ro Bosque Magico.
  • Journeying back to Tarapoto.
Sulphur Springs