Package Tours

Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your travelling needs.

In four categories –  Color coded, to make it easier to find what you are looking for –

3 Day Trips: Lamas to San Roque – Hike

Nature and Cultural Trail


  • Waycu Native quarters
  • Indigenous village of Chiricyacu
  • Seated in the conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera’
  • 100 m Waterfall Toroyacu 
  • Camping.
  • Ending in San Roque De Cumbaza.
Waterfall Toroyacu

3 Day Trips: – San Roque De Cumbaza and Lamas

Nature and Cultural Trail


  • Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.
  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk.)
  • Workshops in basic ceramics.
  • Angelica’s Family Farm.
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo (3 hour walk in total.)
  • Waycu native quarters in Lamas.
  • Courses in handicrafts.
  • Waterfall Chapawanki.
Chirapa Manta


3 Day Combination – Chazuta

Amazon River Trip: Cacao Island – Jumanchi Springs. Springs. Chocolate and Artisanal Courses.

River Tripspedestrian-walkingclassroomfamily-silhouettesprout

  • Amazon River Trip – Cacao Island
  • Amazon River Trip – Jumanchi Springs 
  • Agroforestry in the fields of Rio Bosque Magico
  • Chocolate making
  • Artisan courses –  ceramics
  • Artisan courses – ecological paper

Pure Nature:  

Añakiwi spirings  – 100m Waterfall Toroyacu – Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’ – 5 hour Trek


  • Situlli Ecolodge – sleep surrounded by nature in basic but comfortable accommodation – Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance.
  • Ecological Viewpoints – Sculpture Trail.
  • Natural phenomenon Hatun Rumi ‘Big Rock’  – picnic lunch in nature.
  • Toroyacu Waterfall.
  • Dinner around the campfire – camping.
  • 3-hour return trek to San Roque.
  • Time to swim in the River Cumbaza and relax.


Nature Trail Chazuta:

Cacao Island – Jumanchi Springs – 40m high waterfall  Tununtunumba – Sulphur springs of Chazutayacu

.River TripssproutSports-Swimming-iconSports-Trekking-icon


  • Amazon River Trips – Cacao Island
  • Amazon River Trips – Jumanchi Springs 
  • 40m high waterfall  Tununtunumba (3-hour hike)
  • Agroforestry Rio Bosque Magico
  • Sulphur springs of Chazutayacu (2-hour walk)
Sulphur Springs

Pongo De Aguire – Water Trail

River Tripspedestrian-walkingSports-Swimming-iconclassroomsprout

Travel by boat along the River Huallaga to reach El Pongo De Aguire. Visitors can get a feel for this untouched, wild Amazon, situated at the point where the river changes from the high jungle to the lower Amazon 

El Pongo de Aguirre is famous for the story of Aguirre, represented in the film ‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’ in 1972.

  • Journey by boat apox. 3 hours, arrive at the thermal baths of Achinamiza.  Waters reach temperatures of 40ºC with a high content of sulphur and iron.
  • Reach the community of Achinamiza where we will spend the night in the village hostel.
  • Walk to the waterfall of Achinamiza
  • Journey 2 hours by boat to the cacao island.
  • Back to Chazuta – Courses: Agriculture and cacao farming.
  • Overnight stay at Joyce V Barter cultural center.
  • Learn about the process of making chocolate and sample the most amazing energetic chocolate.