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5D 4N – Amazon Experience – Culture and Nature –  Lamas to San Roque – Hike



3 Day Trip of this experience READ MORE

  • Waycu Native quarters.
  • Hotel ‘Casa La Sangapilla.’  
  • Courses in handicrafts.
  • Indigenous village of Chiricyacu.
  • Seated in the conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera’ – 100 m Waterfall Toroyacu.
  • Camping.
  • Ending in San Roque De Cumbaza.
  • Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.


5D 4N Pure Chocolate Experience:

Chazuta – Lamas – Pucacaca



  • ‘Rio Bosque Magico’  – Heriberto’s family farm.
  • Waterfall Tununtunumba (4-hour walk – optional.)
  • Boat trip along the River Huallaga.
  • Cacao Island.
  • ‘Allima Cacao’ born as an association of growers out of counter drug trafficking initiatives.
  • ‘Terra Preta Del Indio’ (Black Earth of the Indians) a soil so fertile it can grow abundant crops permanently.
  • ‘Makao Peru’  private company located in the district of Pucacaca.

           and more….



6D 5N – Indulgence into Nature

Walking Route (short walks) – Families  – San Roque De Cumbaza and Chazuta


family boat agriculture

  • Ecological Viewpoints – Sculpture Trail – the crystal clear River Añakiwi – in the conservation area ‘Cordillera Escalera.’ 
  • Huacamaillo Waterfall (3-hour walk.)
  • Ecolodge Chirapamanta – swimming and relaxing by the River Cumbaza.
  • Amazon River Trip – Cacao Island – Jumanchi springs.
  • Course in Agroforestry and the making of energetic chocolate.  
  • A short hike (2 hours) to the sulphur springs of Chazutayacu.
ChirapaManta Ecolodge



6D 5N – Combination – Nature Trail – Cultural Trail – Amazon River Trips –  Chocolate Route.


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This route welcomes families with children older than seven.  The walks are usually around one hour.  There is much to learn and experience with this combination route.  You can explore a little of everything Sacharuna Adventure has to offer.

Stay in comfortable eco-lodge ‘Chirapa Manta’ and the home of well-known sculptor ‘Centro Cultural Joice V Barter.’ An excursion for those who love to experience how people live in the Amazon Rainforest.

Day 1: San Roque De Cumbaza – Nature Trail – Tour of San Roque village

  • Overnight stay at Charapa Manta.

Day 2: Cultural Trail – Visit a Quechua home workshop in basic ceramics and visit Angelica’s family farm.


Day 3:  Lamas: Agrotourism – Chocolate Route 

  • Castle of Lamas

Day 4: San Antonio De Cumbaza: Nature Trail – Huacamaillo Waterfall


Day 5: Chazuta: Amazon River Trips – Cacao Island and Jumanchi Springs

  • Overnight stay at ‘Cultural Center Joice V Barter’
Cacao Island

Day 6: Chazuta: Agrotourism – Chocolate Route – Fields of Rio Bosque Magico