6D 5N – Explore Kuelap and Gocta

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas

Kuelap Tours


    • Mausoleum of Revash.
    • Museum of Leymebamba with its 219 mummies.
    • Hike to the Sarcophagi of Karajia.
    • Kuelap, the fortress of the Chachapoya cloud warriors.
    • City tour Chachapoyas and Huancas.
    • Hike to the Gocta waterfalls, one of the highest in the world.


Kuelap – Machu Picchu of the Amazonas

Day 1 – Transfer from Tarapoto to El Tingo District – Amazonas

  • 5am start – journey by car 6h-34 mins.
  • Arrival in the district of Tingo at 1 800 meters.
  • Overnight: Casa Hacienda Milpuj

Day 2 –Mausoleum of Revash – Museum of Leymebamba

(This day is optional if it is too much travelling)

  • Transfer of about one hour to the district of San Bartolo (2 800 m).
  • Hike of about 30 minutes (3 km).
  • Visit the Mausoleum of Revash (2 600 m altitude), another
    evidence of the Chachapoya funeral constructions, situated on a mountain
    cliff looking like houses with roofs, between one and three levels, decorated
    with symbols such as the Andean cross.
  • Transfer to the district of Leymebamba (2200 m), about one hour.
  • Lunch.
  • Visit of the Museum Mallqui where you will see a collection of
    219 mummies in perfect conservation state, archaeological pieces of the Chachapoya culture: fabrics, ceramics, wooden statues and a quipus exposition.
  • Trip back to the hotel.

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas

Day 3 – Archaeological complex of Kuelap + Cable car

  • You descend through the valley of the Utcubamba River for just 15 minutes. Stop to observe the archaeological Pre-Inca site of Macro, circular stone constructions, with
    diamond decorations.
  • 10 minutes to reach the district of Tingo where you take the bus that will bring you to the cable car station.
  • 20-minute ride (4 km) with the cable car and spectacular views.
  • Arrival at the tourist stop of La Malca from where you start a 2-km easy walk. Visit of the fortified city of Kuelap (3000 m): Built from 400 years AC in an area of 6 hectares, with more than 500 circular buildings and other religious buildings such as the Major Temple, El Torreon. The buildings are decorated with friezes,
    diamonds and stylized beings, representing the major deities. The walls of this fortified city, discovered in 1843, are between 5 and 20 meters high and
    the city measures 600 meters long and 110 meters large.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • journey back to Chachapoyas.
  • Overnight: Hotel Casona Monsante

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas - cultural tours

Day 4 – Sarcophagi of Karajia – City tour Chachapoyas – Community of Huancas

  • Early departure and drive along the Utcubamba Valley before taking the uphill road to Cruz Pata (2 700 m above sea level) for about 2 hours.
  • walk two kilometers and we arrive at the Sarcophagi of Karajia, the funeral statues of the Chachapoya culture.
  • Return to Chachapoyas (2 335 m), travel time around 2 hours.
  • Lunch and city tour: Plaza de Armas, the pedestrian area with its Casonas and colonial-style balconies, Independence Park.
  • Transfer to Huancas (20 minutes), a village well known for its pottery. Exposition of pottery and hike about one kilometer to the viewpoint of the Canyon de Sonche, the highest canon (980 meters) in the Peruvian Amazonia.
  • View point of Luya Hurco with an amazing view on Chachapoyas and the majestic mountains around. Pozo de Yana Yacu (the Source of Love).
  • Back to the hotel and free dinner.

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas - cultural tours sarcophages de Karajia

Day 5 – GOCTA WATERFALL 771 m (Third highest in the world)

  • Descend to the valley of the Utcubamba River; you will travel for 1 hour until you arrive at the Cocachimba community (2 000m).
  • Walk and/or ride 2½ hours (6 km) to the waterfall. During your way, you can observe the local agricultural activity and the dense vegetation typical
    in cloud forest. You might see the spatuletail hummingbird, cock of the rock (national bird), orchids and bromeliads. When you reach the base of
    the waterfall, some time for outdoor recreation (swimming for the brave ones).
    Transportation: 1 horse per tourist
  • Overnight: Gocta Andes Lodge

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas - Cuispes Yumbilla

Day 6 – Return to Tarapoto

  • 4am journey back to Tarapoto – shorter journey 5h 45mins.
  • Breakfast at Casa De Palos
  • End of your trip