Amazon Rainforest River Trips

Amazonian rivers are just so full of magic!


‘Warmi Icaro’ Juan Carlos Taminchi

There are many myths and legends connected to the Amazon Rivers and because the people still believe them – magic still exists!

If you ask local people from the villages along the River Huallaga – Do you believe in mermaids?  They will say ‘When I was a small child I remember seeing a mermaid once.’ Very matter of fact ‘She looked a bit like you with blond hair and blue eyes, and with a blackish-plum tail that reflected in the light.’

If we are to travel along Amazon Rivers carrying with us the knowledge of indigenous myths and legends in our hearts – we too can discover that magic really does exist.


We offer:

  • Journeys to the ‘Río Abiseo National Park,’ in Juanjui.   The National Park was created in 1983 and declared by Unesco as a Cultural and Natural Heritage for Humanity.
  • Journey along the River Huallaga from Chazuta;  ‘Pongo De Aguire’ point where the river changes from the high jungle to the lower Amazon, Cacao Island, and Jumanchi springs.
  • Journeys along the Pacaya Samiria River; located deep within the Amazon Rainforest and accessible only by boat. The Pacaya Samiria Reserve, also known as the “Mirrored Forest”, offers one of Peru’s most fertile heavens for sighting; Amazon River dolphins, mammals, birds and plants that thrive among its five million acres. 

Package Tours

 Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your traveling needs.

5D 4N – Amazon River Trips – Pacaya Samiria Reserve

Amazon River Dolphins

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Located in Yurimaguas, we have to journey by car from the city of Tarapoto for approximately 2-hours. Then by boat another 4-5 hours before we reach the reserve.  

  • Journey along the Samiria River.
  • See the pink and gray river dolphins our boat traveling companions.
  • See species of flora and fauna.  Various wild animals such as birds monkeys, sloths, alligators among other similar animals, mammals, observation of nocturnal monkeys.
  • Various amazing birds such as parrots, toucans, and eagles.



3D 2N or 2D 1N – Waterfall Trail – journeying along the River Abiseo in the Breo National Park-  Waterfall Breo. 

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  • Water Route: Journey by boat to the Shihui Waterfall, Maquizapa Waterfall, Rudder Waterfall, Churo Ravine and Churo Cave.
  • Visit the French Cave and the cave of the Otorongo (Jaguar.)
  • River Trip, Circuit of water – set of waterfalls Veil of Bride, Box Ñahui and Waterfall Vicky, then impressive waterfall Breo.
  • Campfire evenings.


3 Day trips – Pongo De Aguire – Water Trail

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Travel by boat along the River Huallaga to reach El Pongo De Aguire. Visitors can get a feel for this untouched, wild Amazon, situated at the point where the river changes from the high jungle to the lower Amazon 

El Pongo de Aguirre is famous for the story of Aguirre, represented in the film ‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’ in 1972.

  • Journey by boat approx. 3-hours arrive at the thermal baths of Achinamiza.  Waters reach temperatures of 40ºC with a high content of sulfur and iron.
  • Reach the community of Achinamiza where we will spend the night in the village hostel.
  • Walk to the waterfall of Achinamiza
  • Journey 2 hours by boat to the cacao island.
  • Back to Chazuta – Courses: Agriculture and cacao farming.
  • Overnight stay at Joyce V Barter Cultural center.
  • Learn about the process of making chocolate and sample the most amazing energetic chocolate.

thermal baths | chazuta | Aguirre, the Wrath of God




Chocolate Route – 2 Day Chocolate Route:  

 Cacao Island – Jumanch Springs.  Courses in agroforestry and chocolate making

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Cacao Island


Nature Trail – 1 Day Trips – Chazuta

family-silhouettepedestrian-walkingRiver Trips

Jumanchi Springs – Cacao Island – one hour walk

  • Early start, breakfast at –‘Joyce V Bartra’ sculpture gallery.
  • Journey down the River Huallaga, passing native communities along the way.
  • Visit an island that produces 6 hectors of organic cacao.
  • Explore cacao plantations (brief explanation of the cacao island farm and learn about cacao production.)
  • Lunch picnic in nature
  • Furthering on down the river to Jumanchi Springs – one hour walk.
  • Swim in the springs relax in nature.
  • Journey back to Chazuta (1 half hours.)
  • Amazing food grown in the gardens of RBM