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Sacharuna Adventure just loves Chocolate!

For thousands of years, people have considered cacao as a sacred plant with potent healing properties.

Spiritual Benefits

People are also re-discovering the spiritual uses of cacao to facilitate work in the inner realms. Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow. It increases focus so that meditation, yoga and therapeutic work are more accessible.


HISTORY – cacao farms in Peru

Many farmers in the region of San Martin around 10 years ago gave up its illegal growing of coca opting to take part in a program to replace these plants with cacao which in the long term was more financially beneficial for the farmers and the environment as a whole.

Perhaps the first chocoholics in history were the Mayans who were very open about their love for cacao. They wrote about cacao as “the food of the gods!”



Package Tours

 Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your traveling needs.

4D 3N Pure Chocolate Experience: cacao farms in Peru

Chazuta – Pucacaca

River Trips

  • ‘Rio Bosque Magico’  organic cacao –  Heriberto’s family farm.
  • Waterfall Tununtunumba | hiking trail (4-hour walk – optional.)
  • Agroforestry | visit organic cacao plantations and learn about a land use management system.
  • Amazon River Trip| River Huallaga – Cacao Island
  • ‘Allima Cacao’ born as an association of growers out of counter drug trafficking initiatives.
  • ‘Makao Peru’  private company located in the district of Pucacaca.

           and more….

Agritourism | chocolate making | Chazuta | Peru
Cacao fields
Cacao Island beach
learning how to prepare artisan energetic chocolate from the bean to the final product.



1 day trip: Chazuta |Heriberto’s Farm | Family vacations |organic cacao |1-hour walk


  • Welcome drink
  • Cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ Heriberto  family farm.
  • Learn about agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (optional).
  • Lunch amazing food grown in the gardens of RBM.
  • Learn about the different stages in cacao production and participate in the labor process, how to ferment and dry the cacao beans ready to make chocolate.
  • Visit the ‘Joyce V Bartra’ sculpture gallery.
  • Journey back to Tarapoto.

Prices:  2PAX  – $70USD   per person

Inclusions: Welcomimg drink ,1 lunch, / private car – Tarapoto to Chazuta/ Courses, entrance to the art gallery


1 Day Trip: Amazon Rainforest River Trip:

Cacao Island | cacao farm| Boatrip

River Trips

  • Early start, from Tarapoto to Chazuta
  • Welcoming coffee in ‘Joyce V Bartra’ .
  • Journey down the River Huallaga, passing native communities along the way.
  • Visit an island that produces 6 hectors of organic cacao.
  • Explore cacao plantations (brief explanation of the cacao island farm and learn about cacao production.)
  • Lunch amazing food grown in the gardens of RBM.
  • Learn about the different stages in cacao production and participate in the labor process, how to ferment and dry the cacao beans ready to make chocolate.
  • Visit the Ceramic place.
  • Journey back to Tarapoto.
  • End of the experience.

Boatrip in the Huallaga river
Cacao and fruits from the farm
agritourism cacao farms | cacao in Peru | agritourism |
Harvesting cocoa


Prices:  2PAX  – $85   per person

Inclusions: Welcome drink,  1 lunch, / private car – Tarapoto to Chazuta, guide/Private boat to Cacao Island.


Other Chocolate Route Activities:

Flower of the cacao
Artisanal chocolate course
Agroforestry –  a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland.


Adventure we will never forget

My partner and I went on the three day cacao tour and we had no idea how incredible it would be. Daniel is a wonderful, kind and informative tour guide who took us off the beaten track to experience the true essence of the Amazon Jungle and surrounding villages. We had tours to cacao plantations, where the owners explained the procedure on growing & producing cacao, we ate delicious traditional meals with a beautiful local family, swam in a rock pool in the amazon, had a tour of the local museum & made pottery. This trip is incredibly inspiring and you will come away feeling connected with Pachamama & have a deep appreciation for the love and work that goes into chocolate production. We would highly recommend this tour. Thank you Daniel, Heriberto & family – we will never forget this trip.

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