Sacharuna Adventure just loves Chocolate!


For thousands of years, people have considered cacao as a sacred plant with potent healing properties.

Spiritual Benefits

People are also re-discovering the spiritual uses of cacao to facilitate work in the inner realms. Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow. It increases focus so that meditation, yoga and therapeutic work are more accessible.

Mishky Cacao Chocolate Factory


Many farmers in the region of San Martin around 10 years ago gave up its illegal growing of coca opting to take part in a program to replace these plants with cacao which in the long term was more financially beneficial for the farmers and the environment as a whole.

Perhaps the first chocoholics in history were the Mayans who were very open about their love for cacao. They wrote about cacao as “the food of the gods.”



Health Benefits

  • Protein and healthy fats
  • Essential vitamins, minerals
  • Magnesium
  • vitamin C
  • Natural sulfur
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Iron.
  • Lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity
  • Good for the heart, increasing blood flow and adding vitality and energy to our bodies
  • Powerful anti-oxidants.
  • Boost the immune system
  • Aphrodisiac, increasing sensitivity and inciting passion.

Package Tours

 Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your traveling needs.

5D 4N Pure Chocolate Experience:

Chazuta – Lamas – Pucacaca 


  • ‘Rio Bosque Magico’  – Heriberto’s family farm.
  • Waterfall Tununtunumba (4-hour walk – optional.)
  • Boat trip along the River Huallaga.
  • Cacao Island.
  • ‘Allima Cacao’ born as an association of growers out of counter drug trafficking initiatives.
  • ‘Terra Preta Del Indio’ (Black Earth of the Indians) a soil so fertile it can grow abundant crops permanently.
  • ‘Makao Peru’  private company located in the district of Pucacaca.

           and more….



3 Day Amazon River Trip:

Cacao Island – Jumanchi Springs 


  • Journey along the River Huallaga.
  • Visit an island that produces 6 hectors of cacao.
  • 1 – 1/2 walk Jumanchi springs and pools.
  • Course in chocolate making and cacao farming.
  • Choice of courses (paper and ceramics.)

      and more….

2 Day Chocolate Route:  

Amazon River Trip: Cacao Island – Jumanch Springs

Courses in agroforestry and Chocolate making

boat agriculture  family gi


1 Day Heriberto’s Family Farm -1-hour walk 

family agriculture images


1 Day Amazon River Trip:

Cacao Island – hike to Baduraca cacao fields. 

agriculture images boat


1 Day Amazon River Trip: Cacao Island

Rio Bosque Magico – Chocolate factory.

agriculture boat family