Symbol of ‘Mother’ ceramics of Chazuta

Indigenous traditional practices and cultural pride.


Lamas is one of the most important provinces in the region San Martin, for its great cultural wealth, inhabited by over 3000 Indigenous Quechua speakers and Chazuta is considered “Cultural patrimony of the San Martin Region” because of it’s great contribution to archaeology and popular art, many reasons to be proud.

The lack of recognition and dignity to the importance of folk art, plant medicines and traditions has discouraged youth communities to lose their heritage, the youth are not forgoing with traditional practices and cultural pride identity.
In this regard tourism as an alternative to socioeconomic development for indigenous people, through the promotion of crafts and ancient knowledge.  The purchase of artisan goods and the participation of courses, in turn, helps to preserve traditional techniques and processes.
So thanks to you we can keep these traditions alive.

Package Tours

 Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your traveling needs.



5D 4N – Amazon Experience – Lamas to San Roque – Hike


3 Day Trip of this experience READ MORE

Waycu Native quarters – hotel ‘Casa La Sangapilla’  courses in handicrafts – indigenous village of Chiricyacu – seated in the conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera’ – 100 m Waterfall Toroyacu  -camping – ending in San Roque De Cumbaza – Chirapa Manta Ecolodge

  • Day 1: Town of Lamas – Native neighborhood, Wayku – Hotel Casa La Sangapilla.
  • Day 2: Waterfall Chapawanki – Community of Chiricyacu – Artisinal Course – Hostel Valencia Wasi.
  • Day 3: (3-hour Hike) Waterfall Toroyacu – camping.
  • Day 4: Village of San Roque – swim in the River Cumbaza – Ecolodge Chirapamanta.
  • Day 5: Day to relax and explore San Roque village.

6D 5N – Combination – Nature Trail – Cultural Trail – Amazon River Trips –  Chocolate Route. 

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This route welcomes families with children older than seven.  The walks are usually around one hour.  There is much to learn and experience with this combination route.  You can explore a little of everything Sacharuna Adventure has to offer.

Stay in comfortable eco-lodge ‘Chirapa Manta’ and the home of well-known sculptor ‘Centro Cultural Joice V Barter.’ An excursion for those who love to experience how people live in the Amazon Rainforest. 


2 Day Trips – San Roque De Cumbaza – Nature and Cultural Trail

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  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk)
  • workshops in basic ceramics
  • Angelica’s Family Farm
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo (3-hour walk in total)
  • Overnight stay and dinner at Chirapamanta Ecolodge.

3 Day Trips – San Roque De Cumbaza and Lamas – Nature and Cultural Trail – Chirapamanta Ecolodge.

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  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk)
  • workshops in basic ceramics
  • Angelica’s Family Farm
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo (3-hour walk in total)
  • Waycu native quarters
  • Waterfall Chapawanki.

2 Day Trips – Lamas 

Waycu native quarters – courses in handicrafts – indigenous village of Chiricyacu – hotel ‘Casa La Sangapilla’

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  • ‘Castle of Lamas’ where you will see views over the town of Lamas.The native neighborhood of Wayku – Craft Center ‘Waska Waska Warmi Wasi.
  • Short drive to Waterfall Chapawanki (20 min walk.)
  • Dinner using organic food that is grown in the garden at Casa la Sangapilla (if you would like Pizza to let us know in advance) – overnight stay at the hotel.
  • Chanka Museum.
  • Community of Chiricyacu.
  • Courses in chumbe, ceramics or basket weaving, with the indigenous artisans.


 2 Day Trips  – Chazuta – Chocolate Route – Courses in ecological paper, ceramics. and museums.

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  • Learn how to make natural paper at a small artisanal ecological paper factory.
  • Traditional and regional foods at Rio Bosque Magico (vegetarian option)
  • Learn how to make a basic ceramic shape with a group of women of the Chazutino culture.
  • Overnight stay at ‘Joyce Bartra Cultural Center’
  • Walk through the cacao fields of (RBM) learn about Agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (optional)
  • learn about the process of making chocolate from the fruit to the final product.  Taste the most amazing energetic cacao.
  • Visit archaeological museum and art gallery.