San Roque De Cumbaza

Chunchiwi (1 hour walk )

Chunchiwi native community located an hour from San Roque de Cumbaza.  The women in the village are skilled in the preparation of clay, bowls and cotton crafts called Chumbe weaving.

Huacamaillo Falls – 3 hour Walk

A very crystal clear waterfall that runs between dense vegetation. Only a short walk along the bed of the river Cumbaza, crossing over the river by foot up to 3 times to reach this beautiful waterfall which has a fall of 20 meters high ending in a well 2 meters in depth.

Ecological Viewpoints and crystal waters of Añaquiwi
– 2  half hour Walk – visit an art center (Sachaqa Centro De Arte) and Sculpture Trail – in the conservation area ‘Cordillera Escalera’


Springs and river trip – Jumachi –  1 half hour walk

30- minute by boat down the River Huallaga visit the land of Jumachi.  A short walk for about an hour to Yacuruna Pozas which are a collection of small pools, a beautiful place full of magic and mysticism where we can relax, take a refreshing swim, and connect with nature.

Agro Tourism – Farms – 1 hour walk

visit the cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ Heribertos family farm learn about Agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (opptional).



Wayku Indigenous community – waterfall  Chapawanki. – 30 min walk

In the town of Lamas there is a community of descendants from the pre-Inca culture, ‘Los Chanca.’ Every afternoon in Wayku there is a celebration where you will see traditional dancing in the center and can buy local products, food and artisanal crafts.

This awesome waterfall is near the village of Urco Pata, surrounded by a lush forest with trees of many species along the way, you can find orchids and ferns and variety of birds , butterflies and insects. The natural landscape offers a distinctive ambience of the high forest.

Chazuta – 3D  2N – 2D 1N – Boat Trip

Cacao Island – Jumanchi pools (1 half hour walk) -course in chocolate making and cacao farming – choice of courses  (paper and ceramics) or walk to sulphur springs of Chazutayacu (2 hour walk)