chocolate making adventures | cacao farms in Peru | cacao in Peru
Rio Bosque Magico | organic cacao farm | courses in Agroforestry
Agritourism Chocolate Routes - Peru
Organic cacao artisan chocolate making courses
Organic cacao Chocolate factories | Makao Chocolate in Pucacaca

Package Tours | 5 – 1 Day trips |Chocolate Adventures


Rural tourism | Village Family Farms 

Spend a day in a village Farm, learn about growing organic food and the many medicinal plants growing wild in the jungle garden.  See how it is to live a self-sustainable lifestyle.

rural tourism | free-range farming Peru
Angelica’s Farm | free-range chickens | vegetable garden | household medicinal plants


rural tourism | Organic coffee | hiking |
Organic coffee plantations | Hiking | viewpoint of the Cordillera Escalera


Course: how to make soil that will stay fertile forever

The most important part of organic Agriculture is the production of rich, black soil.  Sacharuna offers courses through project ‘sachamama,’ in a Pre-Columbian method called ‘Tierra Preta Del Indio,’ soil that stays fertile forever.

Black soil | agritourism | Lamas
La Sangapilla

Package Tours

Lamas 2D 1N – Hotel ‘Casa La Sangapilla’ – course in ‘Tierra Preta Del Indio’ (Black Earth of the Indians) – waterfall Chapawanki – plant treatments and Sauna


Eco-Tourism – Nature Trails

Based in two conservation areas ‘Cordillera Escalera’ and the ‘Cordillera Azul National Park.’

Adventure through relatively unexplored rainforest, passing indigenous communities along the way.   Waterfalls including: 100m Toroyacu, 40m Tununtunumba and Huacamaillo.  

Hiking, camping, swimming in river pools, sulphur springs, journeys by boat along the River Huallaga, a sculpture trail leading to lookout point – ‘Cordillera Escalera’ national park and much more.

Picnics and short walks for the whole family!

San Roque De Cumbaza

ecotourism | San Roque De Cumbaza | peru
Anakiwi | crystal river springs swimming | walking and picnic
Toroyacu waterfall | Hiking adventures | hiking Peru jungle | hiking tour Peru
Waterfall Torayacu | hiking adventures | camping | indigenous guides | ancient knowledge | indigenous villages Chiricyacu
hiking Peru | hiking tours | Amazon hikes
Waterfall Toroyacu | Hiking adventure | camping
ecological viewpoint | protected Amazon rainforest | walking holidays
Cordillera Escalera – Ecological viewpoint | walking holidays 
Hiking Adventures | Chazuta tours
Huacamaillo watrefall, Tarapoto
Huacamaillo Waterfall | walking holidays

Package Tours | 5 – 1 Day trips |Eco-Tourism – Nature Trails

There are many small waterfalls and nature spots to explore….


Cultural Trails 

Experience native communities of the Quechua Lamista and Chazutino cultures.  Sacharuna Adventure – offers trips to indigenous communities where you can visit: museums, take part in local festivals, learn from indigenous artisans and experience traditional and regional cuisine.

hiking adventures | amazon hikes | ecotourism peruvian amazon
5-2 day adventures | waterfall Toroyacu | hiking adventures | indigenous villages | Lamas – Waycu – Chiricyacu – San Roque De Cumbaza
Lamas | Cultural tours | cultural attractions | Peru
Lamas Wayku | traditional dancing | traditional dishes | Quechu Lamista
Chiricyacu – indigenous village

Package Tours | 5 – 1 Day trips | Cultural Trails

There are many indigenous villages, museums, indigenous festivals to explore ….


Artisanal Courses

Chazuta ceramics | cultural trail | cultural holidays peru
Ceramics Chazuta | courses in ceramics | cultural trails | Chazutino artisans
Kechua Lamista ceramics courses
home of Petrona | Chinchiwi village | Quechu Lamista | courses in ceramics
Courses in ecological paper | Chazuta
Chiricyacu | courses in chumbe weaving

Package Tours | 5 – 1 Day trips |Artisanal Courses


Amazon Rainforest River Trips

Sacharuna offers river journeys through protected conservation areas where you can see indigenous villages, pink dolphins, amazing waterfalls, cacao island and much more …

Chazuta: Cacao Island | River Huallaga
Amazon Rainforesat River Trips - amazon river dolphins
4 day adventure -Pacaya Samiria Reserve | Amazon river dolphins
Amazon River Trips- River Huallaga - Chazuta - Peru
Trips along the River Huallaga | Chazuta | Jumanchi springs | El Pongo De Aguire –represented in the film ‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’ 

Package Tours | 5 – 1 Day trips |Artisanal Courses

For all our amazon rainforest river adventures


Kuelap – Machu Picchu of the Amazonas

The fotress of Kuelap is about a 6 hour drive from Tarapoto.  so if you are visiting the high jungle Chachapoyas is well worth the visit.  

This fortress is the largest stone structure in South America. It contains more than 450 stone houses. It is located on a mountain higher than Machu Picchu at 3,000m altitude.  It is much older than the Inca Empire built around 800AD, making it 600 years older than Machu Picchu; and bigger, with walls of 600 meters long and up to 19 meters high.

Kuelap Chachapoyas - Cuispes Yumbilla
6D 5N – Explore Kuelap and Gocta
Kuelap Chachapoyas
6D 5N Cultural Tours – Cuispes district, live within local communities

Package Tours | 5 – 1 Day trips |Kuelap